Aromatherapy Massage

A full-body relaxation massage using a blend of high-quality essential oils customized yo your individual needs such as Lavender and peppermint to soothe and relax while you inhale the amazing healing aromas for a full sensory experience.

  • $50 – 30 mins
  • $60 j- 45 mins
  • $75 – 60 mins
  • $90 – 75 mins
  • $135 – 90 mins

Water Fall Therapy

Our Waterfall Technique is a powerful  therapeutic and nourishing essential oil treatment that combines reflexology and  spine and neck work creating a healing and nourishing cleanse massage.  The benefits are to bring total balance, a sense of harmony, and body wellness including mental, physical and emotional through the techniques used. Detoxify and  rebalance your bodies systems.

  • $95 – 75 mins

Aroma Flex

  • $85 – 60 mins